Shot Blasting Machine Spares Parts

The journey of Crystals began in 2011 with a clear vision of providing world class Quality Product & Sustainable Service to our Shot Blasting Machine Consumer.

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We are now part of many leading MNC manufacturing companies to whom we export our wide range of shot blasting machine spare. Our product & services reaches to Gulf Countries (U.A.E, Kuwait & Saudi Arabia) & European market at Netherlands, which undoubtedly indicate prospective future of our services. From National Economic Capital we are continuously providing our products and sustainable service to our world wide valuable consumers for which we are passionate & determine.


Shot Blasting what you need to know
Shot Blasting is the procedure of enforcing and propelling a stream of rough abrasive material against the flooring or smooth surface to remove stains and other contaminants. This shot blasting is done with applying a high pressurized liquid with compressed air. A centrifugal wheel is used to guide the motor to making the lining of the floor more smooth. The type of abrasive used can differ according to the smoothness or the type of stone or tile flooring. These products used for abrasive's can range from a smooth flooring to a more roughened texture. In other words, this machine polishes your floor leaving it spick and span. There are many ways of cleaning these floorings by using fine metal blasting for harder floorings. Sandblasting is used when sand and crushed glass are used to clean at high-powered centrifuge directions to take off any elements that may attach itself to the floor. The machine would remain the same, but the type of materials used as an abrasive would differ.
Shot blasting explained as easy as possible

Shot blasting means the usage or the removal of built up coatings of waste and other such impurities on the surface tension of a floor. The only way to remove them out easily is to use abrasives like materials as mentioned above. When considering buying a new house or getting a newly furnished flat. A lot of the floor gets stained during construction of the residential or commercial office. Sometimes even if the flat is to be refurbished then the floors and other parts of the apartment need to be reshaped and all the unevenness and the tar need’s to be removed. The Blasting Machine uses these abrasives and fires away on the floor cleaning all edges. The shape or smoothness depends on the angle of the abrasion and the type of abrasive used. Many huge companies and industries also rent these services. Ships and cargo bays, Tanks, and pipelines including metal and heavy industries use the Blast machine for shot blasting. Did you know that even Shot blasting is used to roughen the material that we call jeans?

What is a Shot Blasting Tool?
It is a Centrifugal force that is powered by rotating wheels set at a very high rotating speed that shoots media (media is the mixture or material being used as an abrasive.) The media can be made up of steel, nickel, glass, copper, iron, etc.
Shot Blasting Machine is the best cleaners to remove paint and other dust pieces because it's in a dry texture. If the machine is in use make sure you adhere to all the wide range of Shot Blasting Equipment and safety gear like hand gloves and heavy boots, ear muffs and long pants and shirt. Guidelines are available as per type of cleaning. These gears and accessories are also available for rental with companies like Crystal Group, who also rents these services for furnishing and rejuvenating your home.