barewheel / blast wheel

Also know as Center wheel or Turbine wheel is the unit that houses the wheel blades. We manufacture barewheel in EN-8, EN-19, En353 and in tool steel grade, depending on our customers requirement. Our barewheels are hardened up to 56 to 58 HRc and then dynamically balanced at 3000RPM to ensure vibration free operation. Bare Wheel manufacturer, Bare Wheel supplier, Bare Wheel dealer, Bare Wheel exporter, Blast Wheels Manufacturer, Blast Wheels Supplier, Blast Wheels Dealer, Blast Wheels Exporter, Bi directional Bare wheels, Uni directional Bare wheels, Bi directional Blast wheels, Uni directional Blast wheels.

Product Information

Material En-8, En-19, En-353 & Tool Steel Grade
Hardness 56 to 58 HRc
Balancing Dynamic @ 3000RPM
Working Hours 12,000 to 15,000Hrs*


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