Wear Resistant shot blasting rubber sheet

Our efficient workforce & advanced technology had manufacture Shot Blasting Machine’s BLADE using special Alloy Casting Composition which makes it light & Resilient with high strength-to-weight ratio.

These Shot Blasting Blade have to go from arduous wear and tear in the entire system of Shot Blasting. It imparts velocity to the abrasive and hence it under-go maximum wear, so its role is critical. Our special Alloy Casting Composition provides superior wear resistance and strength to these Blades.

We use Shell Casting manufacturing process for developing components of our Wheel which provides superior finishing and homogeneity in its composition, better fitment and dimensional tolerance.

Our steel tool Shot Blasting Blades are having excellent resistant, quality and exception long life, which reduce maintenance cost. Its toughness results in greater resistance to wear.

Our Alloy foundry is most advanced which had made our product acceptable on International parameter.

Product Information

Material Composition Wear resistant alloy casting
Molding Process Shell Cast
Finish Uniform with no surface irregularities
Hardness 60 to 62 HRc
Life 1000 to 1300*


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