Impeller alias Accelerator, Dispenser etc. is the component that accelerates the abrasive/media through the control cage opening onto the blade surface. Impellers impart initial acceleration/velocity to the abrasive. The impeller fitment also places a vital role in the system performance. Two major parameters to take into account while installing a impeller are

  • The leading edge of the Impellers, Shot Blasting Machine Impellers, Wheel Impeller, Shot Blasting Impellers, Impellers Wheel Parts should always be 1/3rd ahead of the blade surface, which facilitates smooth flow of abrasive/media onto the blade surface.
  • The center of the impeller should be inline to the center of control cage and barewheel. Failing to which there are issues such as uneven wear in blade set.

Product Information

Composition Specially Developed alloy casting
Molding Process Shell
Finish Uniform
Life 800 to 1000Hrs*
Hardness 55 to 58Hrc


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