dust bag

We have vast variety of dust bag, which are tailor made as per requirement. Right from stich, Fabric Quality, Thickness, Finish, size and fitment can be altered as per our customer.

Various Fabrics available at our end are:

  • Polyester/Cotton/Polyester with Antistatic/Polyester Filament/ Polyester Spun & Homo Polymer
  • These bags have tensile strength of 60 to 100 KGF depending on the fabric and a bursting strength of Minimum 25kg/cm2. All our bags are Temperature resistant and can hold up to a peak value of 140 Degree Celsius.
  • We also provide Pleated or cartridge Filter bags and these are made of filter fabric up to 190 GSM.
  • Along with bag we also supply shaker mechanism and its accessories such as shaker bracket, shaker pivot casting, shaker arm, offset motor and dust collector blowers.

Product Information

Material Composition Wear resistant alloy casting
Molding Process Shell Cast
Finish Uniform with no surface irregularities
Hardness 60 to 62 HRc
Life 1000 to 1300*


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