Bearing Unit Assembly

We at CRYTALS manufacture bearing housing, Shot Blasting Bearing Unit, Wheel Bearing Unit, Bearing Unit Assembly and its shaft with at most tolerance and Quality. All our shafts are made out of En8 or En36 grade, hardened and tempered to 32-35 HRc and then grounded as per required size. All are bearing housing are made in Horizontal boring machine to avoid any off center in the bearing seat. We use all genuine bearings and mostly of SKF/NTN/Hyatt make.

We follow strict regime after our assembly process. We initially run the assembly at various interval of 5/10/15 minute at low RPM and then slowly increase the RPM in step to synchronize the entire assembly. During the entire trial run, the temperature of the housing is under continuous monitoring. Even the change is ampere is kept into account. The bearing unit assembly is ready for dispatch only after the desired amperage and temperature range are achieved.


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