Blast Wheel Machine Use and Maintenance

Blast Wheel Machine
  • Jude Costa
  • May 26, 2018

Blast wheel Assembly:

Blast wheel stations have radiologic mechanisms that are mounted on a heavy duty superior grade steel plate. They are placed strategically around the area of the cabinet which later passes the line of work. All blast wheels get arranged at an angle towards the line of the assigned task. This device consists of fabricated sturdy steel with the installation of various components such as a rotor, control cage, blades, alloy steel liners, feed spout, and impellers. The rotor is commonly made up of an EN grade material which is duly hardened to provide superior resistance to wear.

Working mechanics of a blast wheel

The drive system of blast wheels further retains its own set of self-aligning and self-lubricating pedestrial bearings. The rotor is sophisticated and dynamically balanced. Even the drift shaft of these blast wheels are designed with an adherence to EN grade quality material. They are also dully precision grind to seamless accuracy. Easy access to openings through bolts or levers for the blast wheel assembly. This helps easy inspection and examination of the blast wheel assembly.

Safety switches are located on the blast wheel assembly with an emergency stop to prevent further accidents from occurring. Blast wheel motors come fitted with soft starters to lover power consumption. The device comes with an ammeter to measure the control and flow of the abrasives. A close monitoring can help save on maintenance costs.

Crystal Group blast wheel suppliers and manufacturers

Crystal Group is a leading supplier of superior grade blast wheel machines, made from the best raw material and a sturdy reliable durability, our machines come with warranty and maintenance programmers that can facilitate repair, upgrades and spare parts for the latest shot blasting and blast wheel assemblies functioning. We manufacture from the best alloys of steel to give an optimized long life potential.

The technology involved with throwing media through shot blasting can be very simple however, they cannot be maintenance free. Prolonged use and exposure can cause fluctuations in the accuracy of the blast wheel. Signing up for a maintenance program annually or quarterly can help provide low maintenance cost and ensure work tasks are met within the specified time frame.

Things to remember with maintenance:-

Dust is your biggest enemy: Often dust is overlooked in a shot wheel blasting maintenance, however, if a high volume of dust is collected it knocks away the oil or lubrication, causing the machine to lose its efficiency. Ensure efficient cleaning is carried out to solve this problem.

The importance of media mix: It is important to keep a record and maintain the size and quantity of the shots. Too much media can cause a reduction in the performance. Less quantity of media can affect the casting finishes or the impact of the abrasive performance.

Wear of shot blasting parts: With faulty or wear affected machine parts. The effect of the shot blasting can drastically be reduced. It is also observed that even non-moving parts, get subjected to wear such as impellers, paddles, baffle plates and baskets, this also includes the doors and walls of the centrifugal section of the airless cabinets. Constantly, make a frequent inspection of these parts for better maintenance and upkeep.


  • 1. Compressor and pump housing
  • 2. Heavy duty cleaning
  • 3. Deburring, decoding and rust removal
  • 4. Removal of forge and mill scaling
  • 5. Molding sand removal
  • 6. Increase surface roughness
  • 7. Casting finishing.

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