Shot Blasting Machine Maintenance Made Easy

  • Jude Costa
  • May 29, 2018

The technology that hurls steel and glass shots at a pressurized speed is very easy, But when it comes to shot blasting maintenance made easy to bare with its complexity and it is very difficult to manage without shot blasting as shot blasting and penning are the only two methods for processing theses applications and removal of contaminants. It doesn't matter what the type of design is, when it comes to machines, they all eventually break down or come to a turning point where little or heavy maintenance is required. The machines need maintenance as regular maintenance can help keep the essence of the machine no matter what the design. The whole purpose of shot blasting machine maintenance made easy, is by having a seasonal or regular inspection of the machinery. That way any small and minor repairs can be done to increase performance and avoid added expenditures from growing maintenance splurges.

Fortunately for users, many companies provide maintenance contracts that will befit long-term cost savings. It falls cheaper when you are covered under a maintenance program. One such company like crystal group who are a large dealer with shot blasting material and equipment offer a variety of maintenance programs.

Crystal group maintenance programs include:

One Time Maintenace: Here a technician service visit covered for two trips will handle all the required maintenance of the equipment. This is inclusive of solving any glitches in the machines and the function of standard machine running will apply here. The technician will also advise any recommendations or changes required. Once the repair work is done the technician will visit within a 10-day time frame to confirm the maintenance is still running in perfect progress.

Annual Maintenance Contract: Here a detailed check is carried out on weekly bases or as finalized by the maintenance worker. Once a contract is signed up with the customer. The technician will guarantee the work within 6 to 10 hours as per the location permits in case of any emergency failure or breakdown. However, the maintenance is possible if the spare parts are Crystal Group products.

Reconditioning of Machines: This includes the relining of the rubber or magnesium cabinets, Changing the assembly of the wheel, replacing elevator an and dust bag and body patching work that maybe required to increase the shelf life of the equipment.

Modification of the machine: Crystal Group can modify and upgrade any existing shot blasting machine from the cabinets to loading and unloading mechanisms, thereby improving efficient performance and increasing the line speed and output of the machine.

Holding a maintenance contract for companies that use shot blasting machines on a regular basis is definitely a cost effective tool. The machine will always break down no matter the design or model. Repair and maintain them is the highest priority, especially if your mechanics and machinery depend on it. Signing a maintenance friendly contract with a company like Crystal Group can prove beneficial and long-term satisfying.

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