Difference Between Blasting and Peening

  • Jude Costa
  • May 30, 2018

We all love the shine and bling from metallic components used in various appliances, equipment, and devices. The two common methods of metal finishing are shot peening and shot blasting. However, they both have different methods and give different results while processing on appliances. So you can forget the myth that they both are the same and can be used and interchanged on the same appliances.

Shot Blasting: The shot blasting method caters to a blasting process to pound a piece of metal into the desired shape. These metal based objects include types of steel, cast iron, titanium and non-ferrous alloy and even magnesium. The shot blasting method is based on an abrasive functional. This happens when the abrasive material or so-called media blast gets accelerated from the use of high-powered nozzles or centrifugal wheel under immense pressure. This is then aimed at to the surface of the material for cleaning, polishing, and removal of contaminant. Shot blasting can also be used for descaling, deburring of surface texture for uniformity. Shot blasting media includes steel shot, sand, chilled iron and garnet which are sharp abrasive beads made of glass that removes the surface coating on softer metals and plastics. Shot blasting is also used in a variety of industries like mining, marine, automotive and medical applications.

Shot Peening: Shot Peening is a cold working process which uses the strength of velocity of a shot stream that produces residual compressed stress on the surface part. Here, this process is slightly more focused on media, coverage and intensity control which even involves monitoring of the equipment. With this impact the metal surface builds tension on the metall surface to yield to the stretching that occurs, this helps to restore the surface texture to its original shape. Peening Media requires a predominately uniformed and round to avoid and surface damage. The variety of metallic based materials get currently peened, they include high strength steels, decarburized and carburized sheets, cast and ductile iron and many nonferrous alloys of aluminum, magnesium, and titanium. Powdered metallic parts also benefit by shot peening on connecting rods, compression springs, torsion, and anti-sway bars.

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