What is Shot Blasting ?

Shot Blasting
  • Jude Costa
  • May 31, 2018

Shot blasting is a process that is used to clean a surface before usage. Mechanical force is enforced to propel a blast media at a given surface to clean and remove contaminants which are used to clean and polish the surface texture. In a nutshell, a shot blasting can be considered as the forceful operation of spraying or blasting, blast media by abrasive blasting under propelled high-pressure materials against a surface.

Over the past years there has been a misconception with regards to grinding being better than shot blasting, however, it may shock you to know that it is purely a myth., since shot blasting is mandatory when it comes to floor preparation situations. Shot blasting also does not release silicon dusk, which helps emit less pollution and prove more environmentally friendly.

How does it work?

Shot Blasting lifts the centrifugal force of the high end, speedy rotational disk that shoots the blast media on the work piece surface completely eradicating any marks, resistance, and contaminants. Shot blasting is also user-friendly and this concept makes it easy to operate. Once you know what type of shot blasting to use you can inspect perfection in abrasive removal.

Where can I apply Shot Blasting?

Shot blasting can be applied for the removal of thick coatings, however, depending on the surface texture the type of blasting material needs to be added to prevent heavy texture or aggressive profiles. Besides these surface abrasive removal, it can also and clean concrete stains. Shot blasting is the fasted method to remove aggregate contaminant applications.

The Varieties of Abrasive Blasting Materials Include Bead, Wet Automated, Micro, Dry ice and Hydro even Bristle.

Industries that use abrasive blastings:

  • 1. Automotive
  • 2. Metal Finishing
  • 3. Foundry
  • 4. Ship Building
  • 5. Coating of service
  • 6. Other industries involving surface painting and preparation

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