Five Tips to improve Manganese blade quality

Manganese Blade
  • Jude Costa
  • May 28, 2018

When it sums down to the versatility of a manganese blade quality, a lot of factors can be beneficial to improving the quality of the blade. It is very difficult to consider the quality of the manganese blade. Always purchase a manganese blade from a reliable source that uses the highest quality of raw materials in manufacturing strong and durable manganese blades. A good blade is always made up of a strong consistency of alloys. Manganese can give exclusive qualities to the blade, but can also become brittle if too much manganese is added during the manufacturing process. Companies like Crystal Group has the background experience and knowledge of dealing with shot blasting equipment and penning equipment that require the operation of high-pressure manganese steel so we know what to look for in quality.

To know more about manganese blades, you need to first know about manganese.

Manganese steel

Manganese steel is also known as Manga alloy or Hadfield steel. This steel type contains 12 to 14% of manganese. This steel is renowned worldwide for its strength and immense resistant to abrasion in its solid hard state. It is often categorized as the ultimate hard steel.

Where does manganese fall in terms of application?

Due to the superior hardening qualities that manganese possesses, it can be applied in shot blasting, peening, rock crushers, cement mixers, elevators, industrial use and even shovel buckets. They can be used in any area where metal with a strong impact resistance is required. The metal s so strong that it was once even incorporated for making prison cell window bars so that a prisoner cannot escape. Today, Manganese steel is commonly used for all high-quality shot blasting and anti-drill plates.

Here are 5 tips to improve the quality of manganese blades:

Tip #1:

Avoid extended immersion in solvent and water that can reverse the quality of the metal parts. Always remember to clean the blades after the work is finished to ensure that it lasts longer and requires low maintenance. Do not forget to lubricate the blade.

Tip # 2:

Plan your tasks with accurate preparation, maintenance plans, and programmed. This can help schedule a tune-up, cost plan and adhere to safety standards and goals which is very important to maintain the quality and sharpness of the blade.

Tip # 3:

To keep a check on the quality of the blade, weekly or monthly inspection schedules should be stringently followed so that the quality of the blade can be observed. Sign up for an annual maintenance program or regular upkeep to test the working performance of a manganese blade. Monitor logs and data of the operation to note any changes in the normal levels of operation. If a problem is detected then immediately resolve the issue to provide optimized productivity of the application.

Tip # 4:

Find the perfect fit for your model or machine. Trying to shove or fix the wrong blade in your machine, can hamper not just the machine, but the blade as well. A well-fitted manganese blade can wash away complications like intensive maintenance, loose fitting, and safety hazards.

Tip # 5:

Follow the mechanics and working advice of the manufacturing company. Follow the general guidelines and do not over exert the use of these blades in applications at one time. Running the blades cause the blades to heat up. However, manganese can withstand high temperatures, but the ball bearings cannot take extreme working hours and may fail. This can indirectly affect the blade. So play safe and stick to the recommended daily working hours to help assist the seamless function of manganese blades.

Companies like Crystal Group can guide and supply you with the best shot blasting accessories and manganese steel to provide you with all your requirements and meet all your technical specifications. View our products to know more.

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